What is MAPP gas and how to correctly apply

MAPP gas – a mixture of methylacetylene and propadiene (caps agents) used for flame treatment of metal structures. MAPP gas has high temperature combustion, so work with it is performed by a third faster and more productively than with pure propane. This makes it possible to save time and reduce gas consumption. Burners for MAPP gas, characterized by a high thermal power which exceeds twice the heat output burners operating at 100% propane.

Due to this may be performed by brazing and soft copper tubes and aluminum. MAPP gas components are unstable, which is why MAPP gas has complemented stabilizer. The decay of the molecule MAPP gas, burning, emit heat, it differs from other hydrocarbon gases. Therefore MAPP gas combustion temperature is 2900 degrees Celsius, which almost coincides with the combustion temperatures of acetylene (3150 degrees Celsius), and other hydrocarbons appreciably exceed the temperature of the flame in mixtures with oxygen.

MAPP gas in their general physical characteristics very similar to propane. Limiting the rate of gas explosion hazard compound with air in amounts from 3.4 to 10.8%, with oxygen – from 2.5 to 60%. MAPP gas is used in a variety of areas: for soldering metal elements in the ventilation and air conditioning systems, refrigeration, in heating, gas and water pipelines, service station.

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