Refrigerant R-508 and its advantages

Refrigerant R-508 – an azeotropic mixture of R-23 and R-116 (46% and 54%), which does not contain R-503 and R-13 gas prohibited. What are the main advantages of this refrigerant? r508 refrigerant different ecological safety to the stratosphere of the earth, because of its potential for destruction is equal to zero. The refrigerant r-508 suitable as podzapravki modern refrigeration machines and how long-term, comprehensive replacement for R-502 and R-13 in the process of retrofitting.

Refrigerant R-508b has no damaging effects on the ozone layer of the earth, as opposed to R-13. This refrigerant is a great replacement for R-503 (and R-13) to the cryogenic refrigeration stages.

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