Refrigerant R-600a, and especially its application

Refrigerant R600a (isobutane) – one of the most popular agent for refrigerators. From the time of its appearance significantly changed its refueling dose, making it possible to increase security and improve the technical performance of refrigeration installations, including energy consumption. The economic component plays an important role in the choice of this particular refrigerant.

It is worth noting that the R600a refrigerant is a volatile substance, so to work with him allowed only specialists who have been trained operating conditions of the refrigerant. This makes it possible to avoid the danger of fire.

What are the principles of the use of R600a refrigerant?

Abroad isobutane as a refrigerant for refrigeration began to use another 90-xx years. The first brand of refrigerators in the CIS, which was used R600a refrigerant, called Nord.

The main advantages of R600a refrigerant are:
  • Does not contain synthetic substances;
  • BHP reduced noise levels;
  • Does not destroy the ozone layer;
  • It has a meager impact on the greenhouse effect;
  • It has a high coefficient of performance, therefore reducing the amount of electricity consumed;
  • Can be applied to existing compressors;
  • Long service life, about 20 years old;
  • Simple pure substance;
  • Excellent divorce in mineral oil;
  • Is used for the most fuel-efficient refrigerators in which the energy efficiency class A + and A ++.

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