Refrigarant: how to store

Freon explosion and fire must be kept at the warehouses of category D, in special cylinders, the capacity of which is not more than forty liters or in containers no more than one ton. The distance from the warehouse, which stored Freon, to the production or storage areas must be more than twenty meters.

If you can not put Freon in a special storage, it can be placed in the receiver, which is not part of the existing plant. The height of the warehouse, which stored Freon must be more than three meters. The room should be chosen with one floor and a light fireproof lining on the floor. Covers not burning materials should and warehouse wall. of stock Doors and windows should be plowed out and fitted with frosted glass, or simply be painted white paint. Floors should not slip.

It is important that warehouse, which stored Freon, was well ventilated. Storage is important to protect from a possible lightning strike and fire.

Care should be taken of the availability of fire fighting. Freon should be stored vertically. To this end, cylinders natseplennymi shoes placed in appointed slots or cells that will not let them fall. If Freon be bottled without shoes or in containers that can be stored in a horizontal position on wooden frames or pallets, in which the stripes are laying between.

Freon can be stored with the nitrogen and carbon dioxide. The warehouse, which stored Freon must necessarily be plastered with posters of the safety and operating instructions of the units. In such a storage room in any case can not be used with fire and smoke!

Warehouse outside must also notify the dangerous substance inside, so you should hang a sign “Danger”, “No smoking” and so on! Containers and bottles that retain the Freon must be painted silver with black inscription “Freon”. Freon can be stored in bottles or containers outside the vicinity of the engine room, but away from sunlight.

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