L-lysine – an essential amino acid for the body

L-lysine price substantially lower than its beneficial properties. It is an essential amino acid for the body, which contributes to the formation of protein. In nature, l-lysine is in dairy products, pork, yogurt, egg whites, fish, potatoes, wheat germ, soybeans and lentils.

l-lysine price is set a certain level, as the substance has bright antiherpethetical action. l-lysine is substituted for the known amino acid such as arginine, whereby the herpes virus is reacted with l-lysine virus and cells die, stopping its propagation. These properties were discovered by scientists College of Medicine in Chicago. l-lysine, in their opinion, not only fights the herpes virus, but is a mild antidepressant, so the likelihood of resumption of genital herpes significantly reduced.

The fact is that the herpes relapse is due to stress, that is, when steroid hormones destroy l-lysine in the body. If the l-lysine in the body will be sufficient, herpes retreat. l-lysine price is not high, but its properties are fairly large scale, for example, this amino acid takes an active part in the formation of immune system cells, allowing the immune system is formed. If the l-lysine taken as a supporting dietary supplement, it can also improve concentration, increase efficiency, increased appetite and improvement in mood. l-lysine has properties not accumulate in the body, and the excess amount of amino acids is excreted naturally. That is why it is important to regularly consume the substance.

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