Fire extinguishing powder: the main indicators of quality

Fire extinguishing powder in some cases become saving substance of coping with individual types of fire, for example, alkali metals when burning. What are the main indicators of quality of fire extinguishing powder?

The extinguishing powder is different with different fire-extinguishing capability, which is caused by the chemical nature of the powder, as well as its degree of grinding. If dry chemical has a special meaning, it does not matter what its degree of grinding. Small fire extinguishing powder is difficult to apply in the area of ​​the fire, which is why dry chemical industrial purpose different fraction from 40 to 80 microns, which ensures delivery of the fine fraction in the fire area.

Dry chemical is efficient and versatile, as well adsorb the combustible material, including oil. Such dry chemical powder called dual-use. The second purpose of such powders – is the ability to deal with oil that spilled. Adsorption in this case, perhaps due to the powders added to the composition of natural materials – shungite with specific surface.

The main advantages of the fire extinguishing powder is their low cost, ease of installation and relative independence, and thus reached their effective use. These advantages allow wide use of fire extinguishing powder in a variety of industries. Fire extinguishers installed in various offices, private homes, garages, industrial sites and facilities for industrial use.

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