Extinguishing powder ABC 50: key features and benefits

ABC extinguishing powder 50 is used to eliminate various ignition of flammable substances, which differ in the solid, liquid or gaseous structure. Besides extinguishing powder ABC 50 for extinguishing inflammable electrical installations, working with the current force of up to 1000 V.

The powder mixture ABC 50 – is dispersed compound based on mineral salts and special additives that give the necessary fluidity, preventing compaction and compaction of the powder mixture.

Extinguishing powder ABC 50 is designed for the suspension of fires not only in private buildings, but also in the open air. They are equipped with fire extinguishers, portable, and mobile type powder automatic line for extinguishing fires, as well as specialized fire engines and combined powder extinguishing fires in any climatic background of temperature indicators from +50 to -50 degrees Celsius.

The main advantages of the fire extinguishing powder ABC 50 are:
  • Increased fire-extinguishing capability;
  • Light blue color that protects the powder from falsification;
  • High Flowing properties;
  • Water repellency;
  • Excellent fluidity;
  • Environmental safety for the environment and people;
  • Long shelf life – 10 years;
  • A convenient shipment, since the powder is packed in bags of 30 kg.

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