Powder fire extinguishing: the value and types

Extinguishing powder is a finely divided mineral salt enriched with various substances that improve the quality of working powders. extinguishing powder may be general or special purpose. Powders needed for a general purpose class A fire extinguishing, B, C or E. The powder extinguishing special purpose needs to extinguish Class D fires. Powder fire extinguishing, general purpose fire sprayed in place, but the fire extinguishing powder Special asleep burning surface.

Extinguishing powders of the salt include three kinds of chlorides of alkali metals, bicarbonates of alkali metals and phosphorus-ammonium salt. To the mixture was flowable dry chemical added various substances generally hydrophobic minerals. To extinguishing powder does not cake, add the modified silica in it.

The main advantages of the fire extinguishing powders: rapid action, economic use, inclusiveness, democratic value the ability to use in the cold. There are times when the use of such powders is the only method of extinguishing the flame – by burning combustible gas, light and alkali metal, pyrophoric substances, installations under the voltage up to 1000 V. The extinguishing powder and its characteristics (caking, corrosivity, moisture absorption, the ability to pressure transport ) depend on the physical and chemical properties. It is worth noting that the fire-extinguishing powder, which has a phosphorus additive, ammonium or potassium salts, can serve as a fertilizer; if added to the bicarbonate salt can be used as a cleaning agent for equipment.

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