Prices for refrigerants R-125, R-410, R-507

Colleagues, Now we note not just the instability of the price for R-125, R-410, R-507, for rapid growth. This is due to a number of reasons: industrial, environmental, political. First, increasing pressure on producers of GFHS and simultaneous increase in demand from their customers. Secondly, the annual program from China’s Derzhdepartarm for environmental protection begins. Chemical production of the 15 largest areas are under the sights of officials and environmental laboratories. Thirdly, China begins preparing for the autumn BRICS, and stops all harmful production in the province of Xiamen, which is going to receive the distinguished guests. The result of all of the above is the scarce market of R-125, R-410, R-507, the detention of shipments of orders, which were placed back in April, for July and the daily price increase. We are forced to revise the sales price every day. We ask you to treat this with understanding and patience. Let’s hope that this phenomenon is temporary and we will return to our habitual work with our regular customers.

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