In cases, the gas used for soldering copper pipes

Gas soldering copper pipes used in the case of soldering. The composition of such a gas includes a mixture of propane, butane or propane and air to air. For these tasks moozhno use acetylene-air. If you can not use an open flame to heat the product, then the soldering of copper pipes used are not MAPP gas and electric heater. Fast heating on both cases unchanged.

If you plan to brazing, the most effective way is gas soldering copper pipes. It may consist of a mixture of propane and oxygen, or oxygen and acetylene. Gas brazing copper tubing can be applied at a temperature of 1070 ° C to 1080 ° C, only in this case it is possible to work with a mixture of oxygen and acetylene.

Tools for soldering copper pipes on a huge amount of market, for example, ultra-compact portable burner with gas bottle, which is comfortable to use for the installation of small diameter products. Often used for such purposes universal burner with a spacious tank.

Soldering copper work – quite a complicated physical and chemical process in which solid materials are joined. For professional soldering copper tubing should be used special equipment and tools. High-quality gas soldering copper pipes and soldering equipment offered by the company “Universalexport”.

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