Is it possible to replace R-134a refrigerant

European lawmakers assert that in the near future r134a refrigerant will be replaced by a new refrigerant for automotive air conditioning R-1234yf, as it has no such detrimental effects on the environment. But experts are deeply skeptical that this will happen soon, because it they have a few good reasons.

R134a refrigerant used in air conditioners of cars that have been designed and homologated to 2011. There is speculation that the new car, which will be charged with refrigerant R134a, will be issued only to 2017. After that, manufacturers will need to change the air-conditioning system of the car, or abandon their production. Experts are skeptical of such a decision, since the refrigerant R-1234yf is also the high cost is different, which is greater than the cost of refrigerant r134a three times.

According to numerous tests revealed slight differences in physical characteristics, operating pressure and temperature of refrigerant r134a and R-1234yf. And thanks to modern advanced air conditioning system refrigerant r134a change is not necessary. Such a change can happen when they start to beat the alarm environmentalists. In this case, you will need to change the fittings and switch to the new refrigerant R-123.

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