Anion resin

Strongly-based and weakly-based anion exchangers are high molecular polymer compounds of three-dimensional macroporous and of gel structure, which contain functional groups of leading character.

Anion exchange resins are needed for purification, concentration and extraction of substances in the various fields of the National Economy, for analytical tasks, as well as catalysts in organic synthesis.

Anion exchange resins are available of the following brands:

Strongly-based – AB-16GS, AB-29-12P, AB 17-8, AB 17-8chS, AV-17-10P / 0.8;

Weakly-based – AN-1, AN-18-10P, AN-31, AN-2FN, EDE-10P.

Anionite AB-17-8 is designed for water treatment, cleaning sewage and purification of return waters, in hydrometallurgy and chemical industry.

Anionites AV 17-8chS are used for intensive water purification, in food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Anionites AN-31 are designed for hydrometallurgy and for water treatment.

If you want to buy anionites for a particular type of chemical production, which is not included in the above mentioned brands, please call our manager or send your requests. We are expanding our range every day , and maybe the product you need is already in our warehouse.
All products offered by our company are of consistently high quality and long working life.

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