Cation resin

Weakly-acidic and strongly-acidic cation exchangers are high molecular polymer compounds of three-dimensional macroporous and of gel structure, which contain acidic functional groups capable of cation exchange reactions. Cationites are not soluble in water, alkalis, mineral acids and organic solvents.

There are strongly-acidic and weakly-acidic Cationites..

They are used for purification, concentration, extraction of substances in various fields of National Economy, as catalysts in organic synthesis, and for analytical purposes.

The company “Universal Export” delivers and sells cationites. We offer for sale a cationite, which meets all the currently valid standards, which has the quality certificates and is stored in accordance with the manufacturer’s preset conditions. The product is of high quality and its price is quite reasonable.
To order or get advice on the product please call our managers on any convenient to you phone number: +38 (044) 390-79-16; +38 (044) 285-06-60.

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