Cation resin

Packing / Storage

20 kg plastic bag
1000 kg plastic bag.

The cation-exchange resin KU 2-8NA

The Ion exchange (cation-exchange) resin KU 2-8NA is a strongly acidic cation exchange resin gel with a full exchange capacity 4,5 meg / g. The most common type of cations with good performance characteristics.

Its strength

  1. PH of environment does not affect the exchange capacity;
  2. Resistant to acids and alkalis;
  3. Does not lose performance at high temperatures of 120 ° C – 150 ° C.
Polymer structureStyrene with DVB
Osmotic stability, %90
Total exchange capacity, meg/g4,50
Volume exchange capacity, meg/ml1,90/td>
Water content (Na+), %45-50
Bulk weight, g/ml0,77-0,87
Specific gravity, g/ml1,25-1,29/td>
Particle size, mm0,4-1,25
Size effect, mm0,7-0,7
Uniformity coefficient1,6


A catalyst in the chemical industries.

For the production of non-ferrous and rare metals – in metallurgy.

For cleanining of circulating water and sewage.

For purification of waste water in the plating and metal processing industry.

Household cleaning and water softening.

Storage conditions:

1. Sealed package.

2. Dry storage.

3. The storage temperature of not lower than +20.

4. After freezing should be kept for at least 4 days before use at the temperature recommended by the manufacturer.

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