Cation resin

Packing / Storage

20 kg plastic bag
1000 kg plastic bag.

The cation exchange resin PC002

The Ion exchange (cation-exchange) resin PC002 is a strongly acidic gel cation exchange resin with exchange capacity ≥1,9 mEq / L. Widely used as a household and industrial water purifier. Performs cleaning function, replacing the calcium and magnesium in the water with sodium ions. Over time, this function is weakening (running low), but regains through enrichment reaction with sodium chloride solution. PURE PC 002 Cation is certified by Water Quality Association and approved for use in all European countries. In industry PURE PC 002 removes silicon ions from industrial water. It performs deionization in the household cleaning water filters.
General characteristics
Polymer structure Styrene with DVB
Physical form and appearance Clear spherical granules
Osmotic stability, % 95
Functional groups R-SO3
Ionic form Na/td>
Total exchange capacity (Na+form), eq/l 1.90
Water content (Na +),% 45-50
Bulk weight, g/l 770-870
Temperature mode(Na + form), °C 120
Temperature mode(H + form), °C 100
The minimum layer thickness, m 0,6
The rate of expansion of the layer% 25-50
Hydrogen cycle (HCl),% 6
Sodium cycle (NaCl),% 4-6
The rate of application of regenerate, BV/h 4-12
The level of regenerate, g/L 112-300
The normofrapid washing, m/h 10-25


softening and purification of drinking water; cleaning of industrial water from silicon; water desalination; water alkalization; water purification from heavy metals.

Storage conditions

1. Sealed package. 2. Dry storage. 3. The storage temperature of not lower than +20°C. 4. After freezing should be kept for at least 4 days before use at the temperature recommended by the manufacturer.

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