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Paper bag: 25 kg


L-threonine is a feed additive for the production of premixes and feed for animals. It is used to precipitate protein and is involved in metabolic processes and in enhancing the immune activity of the animal. L-Threonine contributes to muscle growth and the formation of the protein balance in the body of the animal.

L-threonine belongs to the structural and functional proteins. It is involved in the synthesis of myoglobin, melanin and serotonin, vitamin B5, and others. Threonine stimulates milk production and reproductive function of animals. Recommended rate: 1-2,5% of L-threonine to the weight of the feed.
General characteristics
Chemical formulaC4H9NO3
Aggregate state change temperature, °C253-257
Molecular mass, г/моль119,12
Boiling temperature, °C200
Ignition point, °C370
Particle size, мкм˂50
Density, kg/m3585
Solubility in water, г/л90
The volume fraction of L-threonine, %>98.5
Heavy metals, %˂0,04
Insoluble residue, %˂0,05
A loss, %˂0,5
Shelf life: 3 years

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