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Packing / Storage

Plastic bag: 1000 kg

Monocalcium phosphate

Monocalcium phosphate is a granulated mineral feed additive to domestic animals’ food that provides normalization of their consumption of calcium and phosphorus. For effective breeding of livestock, it is necessary to monitor the formation of the skeleton, muscle gain, resistance of animals’ immunity. These requirements are met by the mineral feed additive – monocalcium phosphate. To get monocalcium phosphate ready for consumption, the right amount of additive is dissolved in cold water and added to animals’ drink.

In addition to the formation in animals of good physiological data, monocalcium phosphate contributes to normal digestion, weight gain, improves the functioning of the reproductive system. A regular use in the diet of livestock results in prevention of rickets and dystrophic symptoms. For this reason, the feed supplement is particularly important for the animals kept in stalls.

General characteristics
CAS number1306-06-5
Chemical formula(H2PO4)2H2O
Molar mass g/mol252
Boiling temperature, °C100
Melting temperature, °C109
Density, g/ml2,22
Phosphorus (P),%22,7
Calcium, %16
Chalk, %1
Heavy metals,%0,002
Moisture content, %3

It is intended for consumption by:

1. крупным рогатым скотом и его молодняком

1. cattle and young stock

2 pigs and younglings

3. any poultry

Daily consumption normgr
Dairy cows35-135
Non-dairy cows25-70
Cattle up to one year10-30
Cattle older than one year40-100

Packing / Storage

It is packed in plastic bags of 1000 kg. It is recommended to store in a dry closed warehouse. The air temperature must not exceed 20-22 ° C. Shelf life of unopened package: 2 years.

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