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Packing / Storage

Plastic bag: 1000 kg

Tricalcium phosphate

Tricalcium phosphate is a granulated feed additive, which consists of three components: calcium – from 30%, phosphorus – from 18%, sodium – from 5%. When added to the diet of animals, tricalcium phosphate increases the efficiency of breeding livestock: there is a weight gain, an output of meat and milk, a growth in poultry’s egg production.

For digestion of calcium, body needs phosphorus and vitamin D. Only a comprehensive intake of these minerals and vitamins leads to the maximum result. Therefore, a comprehensive feed supplement tricalcium phosphate is indicated for the balancing and enriching diet of domestic animals to increase the quantity and quality of livestock. To be added to the animals’ diet, mixing granules in the dry food, roots, wet feed mixtures.

Composition of the feed additive

It is intended for consumption by:

1. cattle and young stock

2. pigs and calves

3. any poultry

Chemical formulaCa3(PO4)2
CAS номер7758-87-4
Phosphorus (P), not less %18
Calcium (Ca), not less %30
Sodium, not less %5
Moisture contents, %3
Daily consumption norm for Grams
Dairy cows50-200
Non-dairy cows20-120
Cattle up to one year15-70
Cattle older than one year40-80
Pigs 15-35

Packing / Storage

Packed in plastic bags 1000 kg by manufacturer. Store in a closed warehouse, separately from the animal feed at a temperature of not more than 20-22 ° C. Shelf life – one year.

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