Immersion cooling – your computer gets colder


Computers are becoming more powerful. And they have been used for a long time not only for office tasks and primitive computer games. From the task grow every day, only yesterday there were the first reports on crypto-currencies, and already there are those who are called “crypto-interferers” in the world, computer games have reached such …

Kigali amendment and Ukrainian intentions


Most of the countries of Europe and even all of our closest neighbors – Belarus, Russia, the Baltics – are the countries of the Montreal Treaty and its important component – the Kigali amendment. What does it mean?

Тонкораспыленная вода в пожаротушении. Что нужно знать.


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Prices for refrigerants R-125, R-410, R-507


Colleagues, Now we note not just the instability of the price for R-125, R-410, R-507, for rapid growth. This is due to a number of reasons: industrial, environmental, political. First, increasing pressure on producers of GFHS and simultaneous increase in demand from their customers. Secondly, the annual program from China’s Derzhdepartarm for environmental protection begins. …

In cases, the gas used for soldering copper pipes


Gas soldering copper pipes used in the case of soldering. The composition of such a gas includes a mixture of propane, butane or propane and air to air. For these tasks moozhno use acetylene-air. If you can not use an open flame to heat the product,

Refrigerants: purpose and use


Refrigerant – This halogenated refrigerants that are normally gas or a colorless liquid. One type of refrigerant – Freon used in systems and air conditioning systems and in refrigeration. With regards to physical properties, it should be noted that the substance has no characteristic color and smell,

Anion exchange resins and their properties


Anion exchange resins, type ion exchange resin beads are solid granular structures that are insoluble in water and other organic solvents. They help prepare the water for purification from various impurities. Anoionirovanie process vodoochischeniya of various contaminants,

L-lisin: properties


Decreasing supplies l-lysine in the body caused by a sharp increase in the animal, in the basic diet which includes feed additives designed to set the active masses. Buy l-lysine – it means to give an opportunity to build protective antibodies and other important cells of the immune system.

Elegaz and its properties


When the increased nominal breaking current and the nominal voltage, the device switches should be upgraded, as well as to find the arc environment that has high electrical resistance and arcing abilities.Under surveillance were freon, sulfur hexafluoride and carbon tetrachloride.As a result, due to increased electrical resistance and good arc suppression characteristics came to the …

Refrigerant R-508 and its advantages


Refrigerant R-508 – an azeotropic mixture of R-23 and R-116 (46% and 54%), which does not contain R-503 and R-13 gas prohibited. What are the main advantages of this refrigerant? r508 refrigerant different ecological safety to the stratosphere of the earth, because of its potential for destruction is equal to zero.

What is MAPP gas and how to correctly apply


MAPP gas – a mixture of methylacetylene and propadiene (caps agents) used for flame treatment of metal structures. MAPP gas has high temperature combustion, so work with it is performed by a third faster and more productively than with pure propane.

Cation: the scope of use


Cation – a high polymer compounds macroporous three-dimensional gel structure and which contain acid type substances involved in the reactions of cation exchange. Cation is used in various fields, as the substance is not washed out by water,

L-threonine: characteristics and applications


L-threonine feed destination contains the active ingredient at least 98.5%. L-threonine, refers to a group of amino acids produced microbiologically. L-threonine – a substance that stimulates the growth of skeletal muscle is part of many proteins and digestive enzymes.

What is the refrigerant, and his role in a domestic refrigerator


It is known that domestic refrigerators modern production is injected through the cold refrigerant. Refrigerant allows to achieve the desired temperature in the device to maintain product freshness. But what is a refrigerant?

L-lysine – an essential amino acid for the body


L-lysine price substantially lower than its beneficial properties. It is an essential amino acid for the body, which contributes to the formation of protein. In nature, l-lysine is in dairy products, pork, yogurt, egg whites, fish, potatoes, wheat germ, soybeans and lentils.

The refrigerant R-22 and its impact on the ozone


Among the employed, there are 2 groups of Freon refrigerants: chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) and hydrofluorocarbon (HCFC). The group of chlorofluorocarbons refrigerants include R-11, R-12, R-500 and R-502,

Refrigarant: how to store


Freon explosion and fire must be kept at the warehouses of category D, in special cylinders, the capacity of which is not more than forty liters or in containers no more than one ton. The distance from the warehouse,

Refrigerant R-600a, and especially its application


Refrigerant R600a (isobutane) – one of the most popular agent for refrigerators. From the time of its appearance significantly changed its refueling dose, making it possible to increase security and improve the technical performance of refrigeration installations,

Powder fire extinguishing: the value and types


Extinguishing powder is a finely divided mineral salt enriched with various substances that improve the quality of working powders. extinguishing powder may be general or special purpose. Powders needed for a general purpose class A fire extinguishing, B, C or E.

How did refrigerants


Modern society is so used to the incredible ivyboru refrigeration from freezers to refrigerated warehouses that we do not even imagine how a century ago, people did without such necessary for the preservation of the art products. For the first time mankind has faced

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