L-lysine is: what kind of substance

L-lysine, the price of which is formed according to the content of the main active-active substance may be on the basis of the monohydrochloride or sulfate. The first step is to figure out what the L-lysine. This amino acid, which is formed by means of protein. With enough L-lysine organizmzhivotnogo grows faster, the immune system is strengthened proaortsionalno its growth.

The unique properties of L-lysine exercise significant influence on the growth of livestock in the Ukraine. Depending on the diet of farm animals, calculated level of feed additive, L-lysine in the compound feed.

L-lysine is fully compatible with all types of animal feed. Depending on the substrate liztin pet diet can be acquired from 50 to 100%.

L-Lysine performs several functions:

immunological; exchange; regenerating.

L-lysine price, but like all of the pricing policy of the company sonovana on the volume of purchases of the product in the “Universalexport”.

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