L-lisin: properties

Decreasing supplies l-lysine in the body caused by a sharp increase in the animal, in the basic diet which includes feed additives designed to set the active masses. Buy l-lysine – it means to give an opportunity to build protective antibodies and other important cells of the immune system.

Immunosuppression results in increased animal morbidity risk and disturbance of metabolic processes in the body. Saturated organism pets essential amino acids promotes effective development and strengthening of its animal skeleton.

Receiving l-lysine does not cause side effects such as sleepiness, decreased activity, not forming a physical dependence. It should be noted that the l-lysine has properties not accumulate in the body, it is not toxic for all species is a source of energy estvestvenno. Surplus lysine is easily excreted from the body.

That is why buy l-lysine – that means to improve animal diet allow it to not only strengthen the immune system, and bone.

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