Anion exchange resins and their properties

Anion exchange resins, type ion exchange resin beads are solid granular structures that are insoluble in water and other organic solvents. They help prepare the water for purification from various impurities. Anoionirovanie process vodoochischeniya of various contaminants, going in special bulk filters separate and combined effects.

Anion – insoluble high-molecular substance is formed through copolymerization of divinylbenzene and styrene linear polystyrene. With these impurity substances are removed in various water treatment process. Anion exchange resins can be distinguished from other substances due to their color, typically granules are colored light yellow or dark shades. Such tiny beads (about 1 mm in diameter) are divided into several functional groups, each of which has its purpose and is involved in ion exchange reactions. Since anions present functional group of basic character, in anion exchangers there is the ability to ion exchange.

Anion exchange resins have a high mechanical strength, therefore they can be used in the filter for several years, without worrying about their abrasion. Anion in the very beginning of its operation emits a small amount of polymer, so the filtered water may be slightly colored.

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