What is Freon and its field of application

Freon is a combination of methane and ethane, in which fluorine and chlorine atoms are replaced by hydrogen atoms. It is known to the Company more than 40 different types of Freon. This mixture can be either liquid or gaseous. Freon has good property cleaved in organic solvents and oils of petroleum origin, as opposed to dissolving in water (practically insoluble). A chemical compound called “Freon” opened chemist Thomas Midgley in the US back in 1928. The Latin translation of the word “Freon” – cold.

Where is the freon used in the present conditions?

Freon is widely used in refrigeration systems and climate as the refrigerant. With him is charged with a split system. In simpler terms, the Freon is a liquid or gaseous matter with a low boiling point, which has no odor and color.

Freon refrigerant began to use because of its relevant properties. The fact that the steaming, chlorofluorocarbon tends to absorb heat, and sends it by condensation. It works as follows: when the air conditioner is turned on freon begins to evaporate, making the air in the room is much cooler. When freon gas becomes the condenser and is absorbed again becomes liquid. Of course, in the process of the air conditioner can generate heat that can be output through the outdoor unit in the open air.

Before he invented freon as a refrigerant used ammonia, which had a negative impact on the environment and human health. Thermodynamic properties made it possible to use freon in the perfume industry and medicine to create aerosols. Freon is often also used for extinguishing of dangerous objects.

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