What is the refrigerant, and his role in a domestic refrigerator

It is known that domestic refrigerators modern production is injected through the cold refrigerant. Refrigerant allows to achieve the desired temperature in the device to maintain product freshness. But what is a refrigerant?

The coolant – a substance that absorbs heat at low temperature and pressure readings and generates heat in the case of raising the temperature and pressure.

When choosing a refrigerator it is important to pay attention not only on its technical characteristics, but also on how it is used in the coolant. Note that R22, which was invented after Freon-12 is not characterized by safety. Absolutely safe for humans is R134 refrigerant. Here are just using it in production is quite difficult. That’s because the refrigeration equipment specifically for the R134 refrigerant must be equipped with a modified cooling system and the compressor structure. To use this refrigerant brands need to completely change the production process.

Another safe for the ozone ground substance is refrigerant R600a. To refrigerator can properly function must be very small dose of a substance that is completely safe in such concentration.

Even though the safety of some refrigerants is important to closely monitor the cooling capacity of the refrigerator! If you have noticed that it has become a bad run, you should be sure to call a specialist.

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