Refrigerants: purpose and use

Refrigerant – This halogenated refrigerants that are normally gas or a colorless liquid. One type of refrigerant – Freon used in systems and air conditioning systems and in refrigeration. With regards to physical properties, it should be noted that the substance has no characteristic color and smell, no matter what form it is (gaseous or liquid). Refrigerants are poorly soluble in a polar solvent and water, and are readily soluble in non-polar organic solvent.

Where is used refrigerants?

Since the substance is not inert and does not ignite even when in contact with fire, so it is not explosive. But it should be noted that the strong heating (up to 250 ° C and above) of them are toxic products, for example, phosgene. And it is known that phosgene was fighting poisonous weapons in the First World War.

Freon is widely used in stand-alone and central cooling systems, refrigerated transport, helical compressors, etc.

Freon characterized by ease of manufacture, storage and transportation security. It is used as a coolant in industrial and household air conditioners and refrigeration units as nebulizer in aerosol cans as well as a blowing agent in the production of foams and polyurethane foams.

Everything else, the refrigerant is used as the inert solvent, cleaning agent and a reagent in the production of integrated circuits for the dry spraying.

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