How does the amino acid L-lysine

In Ukraine, the highly competitive market of feed additives, which is why L-lysine is supplied with a wide range of prices. The thing is that the l-lysine makes it possible to significantly increase the weight of the animals (30%), to increase milk yield (12%), and egg-laying chickens up to 10%. This material is useful for completely any pets, and other amino acids superior in importance.

In L-lysine price is lower in Ukraine than in other European countries. That is primarily due to the deliveries to Ukraine L-lysine in China, which is much cheaper than the Turkish and European counterparts. Furthermore, l-lysine is an excellent preventive and therapeutic agent against viral and immunological diseases. Lysine is an essential part of almost all internal fusion proteins essential for growth, cell regeneration, the production of antibodies, albumins, hormones and enzymes.

L-lysine are two mechanisms: against viruses and enhance the immune system of animals.

How valid L-lysine?

With the penetration of the virus into the body, it begins to propagate, and to uses of this cell fraction. The building blocks of viruses is the amino acid such as arginine. l-lysine is structurally very similar to the cells and viral Arginine confusing it with him and begin to “build viral structure” of brittle material (l-lysine). The result is that the virus just dies and develop antibodies that counteract relapse.

l-lysine price in Ukraine Company “Universalexport” differentiated depending on the volume of purchases. Get the l-lysine to maintain the immune system, enhance metabolism and oxygen enrichment of cells!

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