Cation: the scope of use

Cation – a high polymer compounds macroporous three-dimensional gel structure and which contain acid type substances involved in the reactions of cation exchange. Cation is used in various fields, as the substance is not washed out by water, do not wear, and does not lend itself to other chemical and physical transformations.

Most often used for the cation exchange purification of industrial waste water, as well as to remove salt from water.

Also cation exchangers can be used for cleaning, obtaining, preparation and distribution in the various spheres of the national economy, as well as a catalyst in organic synthesis. Cation-exchange resins or ion exchange resins are available in pellet form yellow or light brown color, and are packed in bags of 50 kg. This packaging makes it easy to transport the cation road or rail cars.

The most popular brands cation:

  • KU-2-8 cation;
  • Cation exchanger KU-01;
  • Cation exchanger KU-02;
  • Cation exchange resin PURE PC 003.

The most common brand of strong-acid cation – a Ku 2-8. Because of its high resistance to alkalis, acids and high temperatures (up to 120 degrees Celsius) and mechanical stress strongly acidic cation exchangers are used for softening and desalination of water, to purify waste water in the chemical industry for the separation of rare and non-ferrous metals in hydrometallurgy, and so on.

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