New supply of refrigerant R-134

Freon R-134 is one of the most common and popular in Ukraine allowed Freon. Company Universal Exports set a new batch of Freon 134. Buy a low-temperature Freon 134, you can from a warehouse in Kiev, Universal Exports.

Coolant 134 is the main substitute of R12 in refrigeration systems with a temperature mode -8oS below. He also found effective application in the development and implementation of new mixed gases. However, the use of R134 gas goes far beyond the use in refrigeration equipment.

In the chemical industry, this gas is used as a blowing agent. Entering into a chemical reaction with the polymer, R134 foams its structure, greatly increasing the amount of raw material. To maintain such a structure of the polymer sheet commonly used stabilizer. However, tetrafluoroethane not a universal blowing agent, so its use in the manufacturing process, it is necessary to conduct tests of the test.

The main advantage of HFC 134 is its environmental friendliness. It is a zero ozone depletion potential and is the performance, which allows the use of tetrafluoroethane in areas where previously used Freon 12.

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