All about refrigerants in refrigerators

Even those who do not know the internal refrigerator unit, likely heard of refrigerants which maintain the required temperature inside the chamber. This article will explain what the refrigerants, as they change, and how to choose the correct refrigeration equipment.

The refrigerant is a substance circulating in the technical compartment of the refrigerator. At the expiration of the time refrigerants and improved by sulfur dioxide (dangerous to humans), it has managed to create a new safer refrigerant on the basis of pure and mixed gases. Until recently, the most popular has been Freon R-22. However, it became known that it causes irreparable damage to the environment, so later he was replaced by a refrigerant called R600a. However, isobutene can not fully replace R22 in refrigeration systems. It is flammable, so long as Freon 600 is used for household refrigerators and automobile air conditioners. This gas makes it possible to significantly save energy due to the high cooling capacity.

Domestic manufacturers produce several varieties of refrigerants. These include: propane, ether, butane substance cm-1, C2, C1, R600a or isobutane. The latter type of refrigerant is completely harmless to ground level ozone. Current models of freezers use this type of coolant as it is a high quality and secure than those installed in older models of refrigerators.

Replace the coolant must only be a specialist, who will find out which type of refrigerant is best suited for the equipment. Therefore, the normal consumer, this information is not important. All the subtleties of replacement and refilling must know a specialist, and do the replacement only with special equipment.

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